W3 WordPress Plugin TOTAL CACHE PRO V0.14.3

W3 Total Cache Pro Nulled – WP Cache Plugin Free Download 0.14.3 – w3-edge | W3 Total Cache Pro v0.14.3 Nulled – WP Cache Plugin adds features that are interesting to any publisher who is concerned to run a successful website.

Modernization to Pro not only unlocks the following features, but it also allows you to upgrade the new features, which we are looking forward to sharing in the near future.

Once the call for action is clicked, you will be given a secure form that will take in your credit card information and your account details (PayPal is not supported but remains tuned).

Upon completion of the process, the license key should be applied automatically (that unlocks new functions). If not, the license key should be e-mailed to you that you can just paste into the “License” field of the W3TC General Settings page.

W3 Total Cache Pro builds upon the Community (free) version of W3 Total Cache and adds features that will be interesting to any publisher who’s serious about running a successful website.

Upgrading to Pro not only unlocks the features below, but puts you on the upgrade path for additional features that we’re excited to share in the near future.

W3 Total Cache Pro features

Fragment Caching Social layer, personalization and e-commerce etc are common elements of highly dynamic web sites. That means that caching entire pages to improve user experience and performance is not a solution. Fragment Caching bridges the gap between no caching at all and the “ideal,” full page caching. By extending the WordPress Transient API, W3TC allows developers to bring both horizontal and vertical scale to bear without doing anything differently.

Extension Framework As mentioned above, extensions / add-ons represent a great opportunity to both de-bloat projects that solve many problems or address many use cases. It also allows for innovation as 3rd parties can make contributions without having to be a core project developer to contribute or solve their problems while maintaining the control they need. We’re excited for you to try this first iteration of our extension framework, and documentation can be found (for now) inside the plugin’s FAQ.

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